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Relevance of Social Skills and Etiquette

Social skills are the only universal job skill. Yet nobody ever thinks about getting social skills training. It’s assumed it’s learned by osmosis.

School of Life gives solid social skills training so you are able to;

Make conversation

Make friends

Be memorable

Ask for help

Set boundaries

Communicate smoothly

Etiquette is a set of social guidelines for politeness and good manners. It reflects the kindness, consideration, and respect with which we should always treat each other. Good etiquette will always matter!

School of Life – Our Mission

Attention to Detail

  • Do you want to enhance your confidence during social interactions?
  • Do you want to improve your interpersonal and communication skills?
  • Have you found yourself wondering at dining occasions, which side plate is mine, or which knife/fork should I use?
  • As a business manager, do you want to improve your staff’s interactions with customers?
  • Do you want to present the best image of yourself and that of your business?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then School of Life is here to help!

In School of Life, etiquette encompasses three core principles;
  • Kindness
  • Consideration
  • Respect

These core principles serve to enhance every social interaction, improve customer care and promote positive communication.

Etiquette encompasses a skill set which gives you increased confidence in new and unfamiliar situations.  Your behaviour is how you show up everyday, it is your reputation, character and even legacy.

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Catering for the increased demand for online learning, we now provide a great range of eLearning modules at prices to suit every school. Find out more on on our eLearning page!

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