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Welcome to School of Life’s suite of online tutorials.


Why should you invest in these tutorials?

These tutorials will teach students both social and communication skills, which will influence every relationship they have in their lives.  They are delivered at a pace that allows for in-class participation while the tutorial is being played. The language and content mirror the in-person workshops being delivered by School of Life in schools throughout Ireland. There are currently 12 tutorials covering different Life Skill areas. These will be added to over time free of charge.


Who are these tutorials aimed at?

  • Learners of all ages from 12 years to adults.
  • An ideal teaching tool to assist non-subject-specific teachers taking substitution classes.
  • Post-primary schools – wellbeing programme where they cover at least five of the NCCA key skills
  • Transition year students – (communication, & the world of work)
  • Preparation for the World of Work (LCVP)
  • Leaving Cert Applied – Personal presentation, communication & work experience
  • Post Leaving Cert – (PLC)

How much do the tutorials cost?

A full-year subscription is 875 Euro. Based on a student population of 400 students, this equates to;

6 cents/student/week. (Based on the 33-week academic year)

4 cent/student/week (Based on a full calendar year)

Remember,  ALL of your students & staff have access to ALL Life Skills tutorials for a FULL calendar year


  • What you need to know when buying a suit.
  • How to know your suit fits correctly.
  • The different ways to wear your suit for formal and social occasions.
  • How to wear accessories correctly with a suit.
  • How to fold and wear a pocket square.

How to
Tie a Tie

After this course, your tie will be admired or envied, but never criticised!

You will learn how to get the length of the tie correct and how to ensure the knot fills the gap in your collar, two big challenges for any wearer.

Iron Like
a Pro

  • Every crease tells a story, what do your creases say about you?
  • A step-by-step method for ironing a shirt or blouse.
  • How to read care labels on your clothes.
  • How to sustain your clothes and keep your whites looking white for longer.


Have you ever found someone’s fragrance overpowering? We all become immune to the smell of our fragrance which leads to spraying too much.

After this course, you will know:

  • How to wear your fragrance
  • Where to wear your fragrance
  • The difference between Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette

Wearing Deodorant
And Antiperspirant

Be prepared for busy days and avoid any issues with sweat.
This course will give you a good personal hygiene routine to support you on busy or stressful days.
You will learn what products to wear and how to wear them correctly.

Dining for Formal
Occasions & Interviews

Formal occasions and interviews are both daunting, imagine having to do the two at the same time!

  • After this course, you will know everything about cutlery, holding it, resting it on your plate when talking or leaving the table.
  • Using your napkin correctly.
  • Detailed manners at the table.

The 5 P's for a
Great Work Experience

This course will help you make the most of your new job and gives you a roadmap to meeting an employer’s expectations.
This course gives you five things you can do to make yourself really stand out professionally.


After this course, you will have the skills to help you maintain a conversation with anyone.
It also creates an awareness of manners during a conversation, especially in groups. It will show you how to be more inclusive by picking the right topic, knowing when you are talking too much and how to avoid interrupting or being interrupted.

The Thank You

Firstly this course will show you the importance of a thank you card and how sending one motivates the receiver to want to do more for you.
I give you a template for a card that will be unique to you and very personal for the reader.

Be Kind To
Your Future Self

This course gives you tips and words of wisdom for things you can do today that your future adult self will be so grateful for.


This course is full of advice and tips from people who are interviewing candidates on a regular basis. It will give you insights from their experiences and you can apply these in your next interview.


Being able to join a group of people confidently can be a challenge for any of us. This tutorial will show you a technique which will help you in these scenarios by doing the following:

  • Choosing the best group to join based on their body language.
  • What to do initially when you join the group
  • How to welcome a newcomer to a group.

Email Etiquette
and Proficiency

Our courses are great value and access can be purchased on a one year pass. See below for purchase options:


School of Life Workshops – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Email Etiquette and Proficiency – 1 Year Access

Or if you prefer, you can access our courses on an individual basis for one year. See below for purchase options:


School of Life Workshops – Suit etiquette – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Dining for formal occasions and interviews – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – How to tie a tie – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Iron like a pro – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Fragrance Etiquette – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Wearing Deodorant and Antiperspirant properly – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Social Interactions – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – The 5 P’s for a great work experience – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – The Thank-you card – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Be Kind to your Future Self – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Interview Insights – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Joining Groups – 1 Year Access


School of Life Workshops – Email Etiquette and Proficiency – 1 Year Access

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