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Wellbeing is about enabling students to develop a strong sense of connectedness to their school and to their community

  • Am I a confident and skilled participant in physical activity?
  • How physically active am I?
  • Do I take action to protect and promote my wellbeing and that of others?
  • Do I make healthy eating choices?
  • Do I know where my safety is at risk and do I make right choices?
  • Do I feel connected to my school, my friends, my community and the wider world?
  • Do I appreciate that my actions and interactions impact on my own wellbeing and that of others, in local and global contexts?
  • Do I believe that I have the coping skills to deal with life’s challenges?
  • Do I know where I can go for help?
  • Do I believe that with effort I can achieve?

  • Do I feel that I am listened to and valued?
  • Do I have positive relationships with my friends, my peers and my teachers?
  • Do I show care and respect for others?

  • Am I aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviours and can I make sense of them?
  • Am I aware of what my personal values are and do I think through my decisions?
  • Do I understand what helps me to learn and how I can improve?

How can School of Life support your wellbeing programme?

School of Life workshops (40 minute or 1 hour duration) are fully aligned the Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme and help schools meet the 24 statements of learning set out for the Junior Cycle Framework. It works on the meeting key skills through dedicated and focused workshops. These workshops teach personal skills in each area which will help the student but also those around them.

Workshops include;

Course Title Content Key Skills Covered
Communicating on Digital platforms Corresponding with others appropriately and concisely on email and other social platforms
Personal Presentation Presenting yourself appropriately inside and outside school.

Personal hygiene for busy days.

Fragrance etiquette

Be Kind To Your Future Self – Start Now How to plan for a great school day.

Your behaviour and actions are directly linked to your mood.  This workshop gives tips from organisation to self-care and building resilience which will help your students have a positive day.


Be Kind To Your Future Self – Reputation Your reputation starts today. How will your peers, teachers, teammates and friends remember you? This workshop creates an awareness in students about their future self. It works on developing great interpersonal and people skills.

Key Skills Code

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