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Wellbeing is about enabling students to develop a strong sense of connectedness to their school and to their community

A School of Life workshop will;

  1. Foster in students an understanding of “school community”, its importance, and ways to be part of their school community.
  2. Foster and maintain good friendships.
  3. Highlight the importance of network building and how to achieve this.

A School of Life workshop will give practical tips to help students;

  1. Manage themselves – being ready physically and emotionally.
  2. Managing their school day – being organised.
  3. Develop the skill of resilience.

School of Life teaches five “respects” for students;

  1. Respect their teachers.
  2. Respect their peers.
  3. Respect their own learning.
  4. Respect their peer’s learning.
  5. Respect the school environment.

School of Life emphasises;

  1. How one’s actions/interactions affect their own wellbeing and that of their peers.
  2. Improving self-confidence & social awareness.
  3. Each students role in, and responsibility for, an overall positive school environment.

How can School of Life support your Wellbeing programme?

School of Life workshops are fully aligned with the Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme and help schools meet the 24 statements of learning set out for the Junior Cycle Framework.

Our workshops focus firstly on the “Why

  1. Why are my actions important?
  2. Why should respect be maintained?
  3. Why should I be organised?

This is followed by the “How” using;

  1. Roleplay
  2. Instructor to Peer interactions
  3. Peer to Peer interactions & assessments

In essence, these workshops teach personal skills in each area which will help the student but also those around them.


What does a workshop cost?


Each workshop is two hours long and costs €250 with a max of 30 participants per workshop.

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