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How can School of Life help?

We provide an intensive, interactive two hour preparation course aimed at PLC students called:

“Presenting Yourself For Interview”

What is Covered?

  • Pre-Interview Checklist
  • Dress Code & Personal Presentation
  • Entering a Room correctly – the Do’s and Don’t
  • Posture, walk, handshake & eye contact
  • Poise and body language while being interviewed
  • Avoiding filler words such as “Em…”
  • Dining Etiquette – subsequent interviews
  • Writing a thank you email

The objective of this courses is to teach you to become interview savvy!

School of Life works on the 3 P’s:

  • Preparedness (a checklist covering all the areas an interviewee may forget or omit)
  • Presentation (Clothes, personal grooming, accessories, formal dining skills)
  • Personality (Body language – confidence, likability, delivery)

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Training for Schools

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Online Training Courses

Catering for the increased demand for online learning, we now provide a great range of eLearning modules.