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School of Life workshops are offered in-person by Michelle, worldwide over ZOOM or through our subscription service to schools all over the world.

Workshops are delivered over two hours, three hours or a full day.

What workshops do you provide?

  • I provide workshops in all school programmes with a strong focus on student interaction, role play and achieving the learning outcomes set at the start of the workshop
  • Our workshops have a strong focus on Wellbeing (including presentations suitable for L2LP’s and the Priority Learning Units – PLU’s)
  • Workshops are available for TY, LCVP, LCA and Youthreach
  • Through our subscription system, schools and individuals, have access to all workshops for the full calendar year
  • For Junior Cycle, the skill sets gained during my workshops are aligned to the Junior Cycle Key Skills Programme as set out by the N.C.C.A (National Council for Curriculum & Assesment)

Offering Social Skills and Etiquette Courses to Young People

Courses offered by School of Life

About the course

This Course prepares young people for work experience and part time employment

  • How to ask for a job
  • Personal Presentation
  • Customer Care
  • Meeting employers expectations
  • The perfect ‘Thank You’ card

About the course

This Course gives participants the knowledge and skills sets to interact positively with others remotely

  • Phone skills (personal and workplace)
  • Email etiquette
  • Video conferencing etiquette
  • Social media etiquette

About the course

This Course gives participants the skills sets to ensure a great first impression

  • Personal Presentation
  • Networking – entering and exiting conversations politely
  • Protocol for introductions and aids to help you remember names
  • Conversation skills

About the course

This Course prepares participants for both formal and informal dining, interviews conducted over lunch and working within the hospitality sector

  • Formal Dining Etiquette
  • Informal Dining Etiquette
  • Eating tricky foods
  • Service etiquette skills

About the course

This Course covers the unspoken rules of wearing a suit, and all that goes into that professional look

  • Personal Presentation
  • The suit – wearing, caring and storing
  • How to tie a tie and fold your pocket square
  • Suit accessories (watch, belt, shoes etc)

About the course

This Course covers the essentials of self-management and organisation for all school students

  • Personal Presentation and Uniform
  • How to manage and organise myself for a great school day
  • Improving communication and inclusiveness within student groups
  • Showing kindness, consideration, and respect as part of your normal school day

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Training for Schools

We provide Etiquette training for all types of Educational environments – click to learn more!

Online Training Courses

Catering for the increased demand for online learning, we now provide a great range of eLearning modules.